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24,9 грн/$ -in PUSHA.house the rate to the end of quarantine is fixed
24,9 on Pechersk! Club house St.Residence
KyivBudDevelopment 3 years
13.02.20+311 Views
KyivBudDevelopment 3 years
PUSHA.house: functionally and environmentally friendly.
Why does the security service of Ukraine fighting with legal developers in Kiev
22.01.19+607 Views
18.12.18+604 Views
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Competition for Architects
19.07.18+1505 Views
Competition for Architects
Evgeniy Leskiv
17.07.18+569 Views
Evgeniy Leskiv
07.06.18+1265 Views
Evgeniy Leskiv
Installation and pouring concrete entrance groups into townhouses. We work day and night to catch the planned opening.
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